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Memorial Day Weekend 2003
...the galleries..

After our we awoke from LSMSA Reunion, Blandon, Michi and I
got in the car, and drove the long haul to Pensacola.
Boy was this gonna be something I would't forget easily.
Not that I want to.

Tim, Lance and Blandon
These were my Guardian Angels for my
First-Ever Circuit Party!!!

The Lights are just to die for...

And everyone should get my Canon Digi Cam, cause it rocks!

And our very own Country Boy Blandon...

All the pretty lights...

Awww... everyone needs a lil lovin now and then.

Don't they just look happy.
I still don't understand what all those picketing christians
were warning us about out front.

Dazzle and Razzle us..

See right before this, I was kinda thinking there
was just a couple hundred people here.
Then I was drug up in the bleachers... and GUFAW
-this is what I saw.

Just squint hard, and you can see.

Maybe some -K-ontacts will help you see?

Never you mind what that is. Now you can see more.

Its almost like we were in a movie.

Everything was just so beautifully perfect.

Homegrown Southern Boys.

When she sang "RISE UP", it was simply a religious experience.

And all those big ol smiles...
I never see people smiling like that at Church.

Two buddies having a good time...
that will never change.

And the LEZ BE ONS ....

Good ol Dan the Band Instructor

You know that looks like a bathroom stall...
What would we be doing in a bathroom stall?

Now thats much better, back on the dance floor.

And the lights kept going and going.

Girl, I think she found Jesus.

And this is Blandon without a flash.

Now its starting to look like a football game.

And we keep dancing and dancing...

The Louisiana Boys are all worn out.

Entertainment appears on the stage... wtf?

I swear it musta been 120 degrees in there. Or was that
just Tina telling me that.

The Performers keep amazing US.

With Fire and Effects.

And we keep bumping into people he knows.

Then all the queens took to the stage.

And Ms. New Orleans herself danced with us.

We shoulda just had this party in New Orleans.
It woulda saved lots of gasoline.

End of the night, and everyone is passing out.

Mr. Creel is all depressed over his spilt powdered milk.

And we are off to the after party...
(That we never made it to!)


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