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GayDays at Disney 2003
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So I return to Germany from my week long trip
to the USA, and my boss calls to tell me I have
to fly back for a Light/Sound Conference
in Orlando. My Oh My. Talk about fate.
I was telling my bud Blandon, and he was like:
"Orlando.. this week?! Thats where GayDays is!!!"
and lord knows, before you knew it
Miss was booking her flight for the week
and we starting what was to be my first ever SKKetchFest.

And I thought we were bad in Louisiana!
McDonalds in Florida has GIFT SHOPS!

One of our partner companies invited us to watch
Cirque du Solieol's La Nouba, which was to die for!

Afterwards, Blandon and I stroll into Pleasure Island.

And our hearts bring us to Mannequins.

Where the whole dance floor spins on an axis.

And yes that is Blandon busting a move in there.

We Louisiana Boys had to show them how to dance.

We worked that dance floor.

Hard to believe but ALL we had the whole night was a little alcohol.

Then we ran into some of the locals. All I gotta say is EEEEEEEE.

I think sometimes breeding within the same tree is a no-no.

So Blandon and I just mingled in and tried to play nice.

Mister Abercrombie & Fitch Boy Himself

And thats how we scare away anyone.

Lord knows after a night of drinking and dancing, every boy needs him some grub.

Though there isn't a thing to be ashamed of by eating at the IHOP.

And there is a happy full camper.

Two drunken ass southern boys...

Friends forever and a day.

Who needs a burglar system?

And I finally make it to the Royal PALM and meet Doctor George!

And the Insatiable Stephan...

the Make-up Artist from New York City!

Dr. George is a prestigious Surgeon from Mississippi.

And Stephan LOVES for people to take his picture.

As you can see he is very photogenic.

And he has a way of drawing others in the picture.

And this was Rick. He was quiet.

Here we are all getting ready for Pleasure Island.

Dr. George recommends a lil medical treatment because of what
the heat has done to Stephan's nose.

Stephan wonders if he can take it ALL?

And yes ma'am, he takes it ALL!

Stephan is not liking how this feels at first.

The crowd watches in awe while Dr. George works his wonders.

Corey realizes that the flash does not go well with the Elevator mirrors.

And we are still getting ready... will this never end?

A lil love never hurt anyone.

Blandon trying to explain about the crazy camera boy.

Don't they play nicely together?

See I don't think their Mommas warned them that their faces could freeze like that.

And to walk around like that forever would really not do wonders for their flirting.

And then all those damn bus rides...

It woulda been hella easier to just drive.

But we paid for these damn tickets, so we might as well use them.

So this US going into Pleasure Island JUST before our first
SKKETCH hit us like a mack truck!

Some of the kids gotta get tickets still.

And we keep running into Louisiana People.

Those boys look gone, and the night is just beginning!

Okay those two are smiling still.

Well HELL, Dr. George is just having a ball now!

And more and more Louisiana boys...

Girl its getting hot in here. Are we in the bathroom AGAIN?

I know MISS Stephan IS NOT taking pics of Blandon peeing!!?

Okay that is JUST disgusting.

But thats EVEN more disgusting. Does he know where that tonque has been???

And then IT followed us home.

That was the beautiful view of that interesting fountain.

We are fucked up!

I wonder if he had MORE hands, if the rest of us woulda been molested too?
Wrong... wrong... wrong.

See.. now Rick knows better to play by himself. Its just safer.

When is that damn Taxi coming?

If we could just find the right damn Club Orlando!!!!

Can we say CHEESE?

And even MORE cheese?

"I know this looked good on the stage last night,
but it looks so much better in my room now."

It was a joke George. Relax.

The constipated, disgruntled look.

She does know best.

I am so not even gonna comment here.

My oh My, what will we do with all of these?

Boy are we tweaked.

And the black lights come out to play.

And girl do they play.

Is the camera out of focus, or are we out of focus?

See, now this is how domestic accidents occur everyday.
It always starts out JUST being fun and games.
Until someone gets a straw shoved through their head.

And the After-Party at Arabian Nights was interesting.

The lights were pretty.

And yet again, MORE people SHE knows.

Then we made it to Saturday, where our wretched
DISNEY SkKetch began. Talk about RUFF.

Then we were looking for Dopey at the end.

Here we are leaving Dopey at the beginning???

As you can see, Tina was not letting anyone have a nice time today.

Then the Parade started which made us SMILE.

And we all took our picture before the wonderful castle.

Look at those smiles. Why is everyone wearing red?

And Ken from New Orleans. What a small world.

And waiting in those damn long lines in the heat.

And then as we get on the ride, it rains and soaks us.

So then we are on the way to the BEACH BALL. (with Tina.)

I think smiling at this point was out of the question.

The wave pool seemed interesting enough... from a distance.

And at least Tina wasn't fucking with everyone.

But then we had an absolutely fabulous dinner at Downtown Disney.
Next year we need to get a Park Hopper Ticket
and have dinner at Epcot though.

This was the BOAT we had dinner at.

And this is us on our way to the Stars Party.

This beotch had light effects starting in the entrance!

Mingle a little fire in there, and you have pure bliss..

And everyone is having a ball.

Blandon with Michael and Shawn.

The stage show was simply wicked.

And you had to be there just for the lights.

They kept showing us more and more.

Including fire from the stage!

And that was a wrap for an awesome party.

And the G-Boys from Philly.

They would make the youngest drive.

Okay, this is where they strapped my ass to the hood!

And George and his awesome Flags Routine...

George said it : "She ain't left yet." as Blandon calls
to postpone his flight YET again.

I know that girl is not digging down that deep for a booger!

And that SkKetch made her ALLL Hungry.

And there you have it ladies and Gentlemen.
Our SkKetchFest 2003 in Orlando.
Stayed tuned Next Year, where hopefully
I will have the chance to team up with
these wonderful people again...


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