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This was another adventure:

21st of February, I boarded a plane and flew
to Warsaw. I was there for about 2 hours.
I couldn't use Euros to buy a postcard. So
I used my Visa to buy one postcard. How nice.

This is what I saw as the plane was landing in
Tallinn. Customs was very quick .
I had no problems. I came out and there sitting
down to the right by the giftshop was the long-
awaited ... Grinch.

He wasn't a freak or serial killer. At least
not that I could plainly see. He looked like a
normal person. And that he was, an especially nice,
normal person. He took me outside and as we waited
for a cab, he showed me how to switch to a cheaper
Mobile company. It wasn't like in Germany, where you
stayed with the same company every day. You could
switch daily to the cheapest.

Our Taxi took us first to my hotel, the G9.
It was located in the Middle of town which was nice.
It was a good deal, except for the fact that the shower
floor was the same as the rest of the bathroom.
But I didn't see much of there, so it didn't bother
me much.

Next my Tour began. My fearless leader took me
to an alcohol store, where we bought for him some
Cognac, and for me some Vanilla Vodka. We took
this outside and mixed it with apple juice behind
a tree, because technically it is illegal to drink
alcohol in public in Estonia. How odd??? This was
the American Embassy. I know, I know.. it looks like
a McDonalds, but don't be fooled. That is one of Bush's
new Tactics on his War on Terror. He doesn't think
anyone will want to blow up an embassy if it
looks like McDonalds! Why? Because everyone loves
everything that comes from the USA!

Next we wandered into the Linda Park to drink our
alcohol in solitude. Thankfully, there wasn't
alot happening there, because this park has the
nickname of THE "Cruising Zone". ...'Mommy, what does
'cruising zone' mean?' ...

more to come...


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