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26. July 2005
Munich, Germany

Soccer Game
VFB Stuttgart vs. FC Bayern
(NEW) Allianz Arena, Munich

Austrian Friends called :
"Corey.. Soccer game ... go get tickets.."
So I did. Was good to see my buddies again
and I was quite impressed with the new Arena.
As you can tell from the pics its a groovy
place... and I made those pics with my groovy
new cell phone!!! Can you believe how clear they
are -- I CAN'T!!!

Well.. Stefan was sweet enuf to stay sober and
drive these austrian soccer player boys up to
Munich for the game... Christian helped
organize... Hugi (and Anette) suprised me early
for my BDAY and paid for my ticket...and Prus..
Tja... he cried because he didn't have his damn
Placebo T-Shirt..

I am no soccer watcher, but I could at least
tell that Bayern played horrible, and Stuttgart
rocked the nite away with its 2:1 Victory!!!

But for now, enjoy my pics...


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