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23. Dec. 2005
Feldkirch, Austria

Boehli's Birthday

So... its been awhile since I last posted any pics
.... so here we are again.... :D

So Friday nite, after a most horrible day at work,
and then stress galore running around buying things
I drove down to Feldkirch and made it in time for
his birthday at 24:00 ; ) ... (even though, Prus was
telling me his birthday was already on Friday, but
I wont go into all that ;) ) .

After some warm up drinking at Boehli's house, his
parents were nice enuf to drive us to K-Shake where we
partied til closing. There was also the really awesome
Bartender who juggled flaming Barcardi bottles.. ;)
Only an alcoholic can really appreciate such skill!!! ;)
Anywoo.. then at closing... my drunken self wondered out
into the street, and then I was suddenly lost- lost as hell.
And Austria doesnt have the same emergency numbers as
the rest of the world - and I tried dialing everything.
Anywoo... somehow a nice girl in a red car stopped and
brought me back to Christian's where i slept until...

But thats another story.... ;) for now, enjoy my pics...


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