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30. April 2006
Dortmund, Germany

YEAH.. So Per was NICE enough to buy me a ticket to Mayday this year
and I had some left over vouchers for the Hilton Hotel :D ---- SOO ...
we ended up heading up to Dortmund and enjoying a really cool
techno party!

Even though last year, we had more friends with us, the event itself
sucked! -- horrible music, horrible effects, and horrible people.
BUT-- this year was much nicer. As soon as Per arrived we headed
down to the Hotel Pool and Sauna and made ourself *comfortable*.
Then after lounging around, we made it to the Stadium around 10ish
and went upstairs to the bleachers and sat down just as PRODIGY
was starting. It was cool. Had a nice few mins. They just only played an hour
and so weren't really playing entire songs.. rather breaking in and out.
Throughout the nite, Lexy and Paul, and Paul van Dyk, Chris Liebling,
Westbam, etc etc... It was really nice.. and we had a very comfortable evening.
After Members of Mayday had started, we were tired of the smoke and went back
to the Hotel where we chilled some more.

Anywoo... I made all the cool pics with my mobile phone camera and I am very
surprised at how well they turned out. ENJOY the awesome Lighting Effects! :D


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