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13. Oktober 2006
Munich, Germany

After three years, Placebo returned to Munich, and my wonderful
Austrian soccer player friends invited me to the concert.
They arrived in Munich on Friday evening, and we did some
pre-drinking at my house - they came totally prepared - 10 cans of
Red-Bull and 3 Bottles of Vodka!! - what a dream!!!

So then we headed out to the Olympic Park, and in the subway
train, Rani's Sister runs into me and says Hello! - what a
small world eh? But we were all really drunk at this point, so
I think her and her "friend" were kinda annoyed with us ;)

When we arrived at the Olympic Park we found someone to buy
Jürgen's ticket, since he UNFORTUNATELY couldn't come
(but don't worry Schatz, we drank enuf for you too!!).
We then entered the hall, and found it to be packed. We were
all the way at the back. Ugh. So Martin and I decided to go get
drinks for all 6 of us. And somehow on the way back, I ended up
walking past the security guard into the gated off VIP area right in front
of the stage. I have no idea how, but I stood there on the protected
side and Martin was stuck on the other side still because the guard
wouldn't let him in. So, thinking quick, I bolted back to the guard,
and yelled at him like some Rich VIP would "He is with me - can't
you tell???" and then Martin was allowed in ;) SOO.. now we were
in the inner ring in front of the stage.. and it was divided from the
rest of the audience with a huge fenced-in path way. We tried calling our
friends but no one answered. We decided that since they were 2
couples, they could take of themselves, and we shouldn't lose this
great opportunity (that my Guardian Angels got us!). So we stayed
there and started drinking the 6 drinks between the two of us ;)

The show was awesome. Hot people all around us. Music was
wonderful, video was wonderful, lights were wonderful! ..

So enjoy the pics!


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