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Feldkirch, Austria

The 4th of July 2003

Yet again, the 4th of July. Last year, I was in the USA.
This year, I got off work early, and caught a train
into Austria to visit my good ol' soccer playin friends,
that I met last year when I was in Cologne,
and later this year in Hamburg.
It is odd how you can just run into some people
and then become very close friends.

So yes, Christian, whose parents have a bed and breakfast
there in northern Austria, invited me to come visit
them for the weekend. Boy was this weekend a blast!
As you can see in the galleries, Friday, we ate, and
then went to a once-a-month clubbin night for the local area.
The "village" that he is from, is called Feldkirch,
has about 25,000 residents, which is a small town in Europe.
Saturday we went hiking, then attended the birthday party
from Christian's cousin, Thomas, and then went out dancing more.
Sunday, slept in, did a local lunch, lounged,
and then I caught my train back to Munich
(which I missed a couple stops and ended up passing Munich
by an hour, but we don't need to talk about that!)

Enjoy yourself. (Viel Spaß!!!)


  • Friday - Clubbin' (001-070)
  • Saturday - Hikin' (071-137)
  • Saturday - Birthday Party (138-172)
  • Saturday - Werkstatt Disco (173-198)
  • Sunday - Lazy Sunday Afternoon (199-214)


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