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    4 Austrians
and 1 American
eat the hamburgers!!!

...the galleries...

14 March 2003

Interesting Sight eh? *grin* ...I know..
Its my 3 Austrian Soccer friends
---Christian, Markus, and Jürgen...
I met them in December in Köln, and
they invited me to join them now in Hamburg.
You know I actually thought Austrians had better
manners than to just pee right in public.
Though it makes me miss New Orleans...

And this was their
other friend who
joined them
He was cool,
except that he
kept letting
his beer foam
all over the
dance floor!

This was the Italian restaurant the boys wanted
to eat dinner at EVERY night. OH well, it wasn't
that bad.

Jürgen and Christian falling asleep already at 9pm!!!

Here is Maphi and Christoph.
I met Maphi back in the Fall of 2001, when I
was in the Canary Islands.
He hung out with us for a bit, but then he got SO
drunk that he had to go home. Some people just handle
their liquor. Or some of us are just alcoholics!

Christoph trying to flirt with some German girl...

Markus trying to explain to her how he
IS "God's Gift to Woman" ...

Markus: "You see Britney, I know I am Justin, and you
should come back to me... I am not THAT bad...

And this is us Alcoholics on the search for Hookers
and alcohol!!

Justin Timberlake
already passed out
in the Bathrooms...

Christoph cannot keep his hands off the girls!!!

Justin Timberlake
back on the hunt
for Schneck-Schleck...

And our drunken
Rigo friends.



Some people buy girls a beer when they flirt....
others ask for their autograph?
Whatever kranks your tractor, buddy.

Okay, first we would chill out at the Youth Hostel,
where we would get totally smashed,
and then we head out clubbing...

And what nice yellow underwear SHE is wearing...

Is he happy to see her? Cause he looks like
he has a stick shoved in his ass.
Well, it DOES.

And I keep getting drunker...

and drunker and drunker and...
I do need to whipe that smile off my face though.

uhm... why is Justin T. holding another BOY?
Does Justin T. want to tell us something???
(just kidding Markus... we all know you AREN'T gay.)

Prüss: "uhm.. Ich bin sooo voll, ich weiss nit wer du bist."

Prüss: "aber es ist egal! Singen wir ein Lied!!!"

Prüss: "Und als aller Besten, FÖTZ ich!

Justin T. war nie besonders zu frieden mit Madels...

And the Imfamous Reeperbahn
---Hamburg's WhoreHouse District.

And then the
Fish Market
at 5:00am on
Sunday Morning...

and Christoph
slept in the
PINK room.

And we finally tried a NEW restaurant...

... look at what happens when you leave your
camera at the table when you take a leek!

... EEK! ... the Austrians start turning back
into the FREAKS they are, as the plane gets ready.

and Christian already dreams from Schleck-Schneck...


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