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    Class o' 98 Reunion...

...the galleries..

24 May 2003

So yeah... I flew over to the USA, to
see how these kids did their Reunion.
Ironically enough, the class of 93, had
way more people, but we still got our name
on the Sign out Front. Stupid Natchitoches

And of course, no Trip to LSMSA is
is complete without visiting Myrna!
We had an absolutely Fabulous time.
We drank... and drank... and drank...

and as we drank, poor Matthew and Alie
sat in the Hotel room alone and waited around.

And the fearless class Leader... JOHN A. ALLEN.
None of "THIS" would have been possible without
his hard efforts. *smooch*

Oh come on, let's
not get all mad. He
really did do a good
job, its just his class
was so damn cheap!

And no Ma'am, we
cannot forget MISS
Blandon Lee Creel.

She rushed all the way
over to Natchitoches, and
forgot to shower. But
thats why Hotels have
bathrooms... or?

And Matthew and his lil Jana... I MEAN..
Alie... :D Opps.. Lord knows this girl aint
that bad.

And the worst part is
he really does think
that he has a clue.

and of course, Donald
took his place in the
corner and took notes.

Dr. Creel gettin all
spiffy for the Grad.

Donald's Best Camera Face..
as we wait for our Food at Merci Beaucoup

John feeling the need to take
control again.

What a nice Group Pic. Take note
of the 2213 empty packages of Crackers
at the bottom of the table. This is why
that Donald didn't order an Entree.

See LOOK. Boy is already finished.
Lord knows he was hungry, but hell, he had
to keep his hands free to take any notes...

And all those scrumptious lil Juniors.

Grad is FINALLY over, and we are back
at the Gym awaiting Chuckey Stoker to open up.
Things never change.

And we wait, and wait and wait.
You think at the world's smartest high school,
they could find someone with keys on time.

Look at the mind at work, dictating
every word out of every mouth in the near.
Then filed away in some little file cabinet.

LSMSA Class of 1998. 5 Years Later...

Back at our 4 Star Hotel.
You think Natchitoches would have more to offer.
But don't get me going on their Banquet HALL.

And the President is
getting all relaxed for
his peoples.

And Yes, MR. Robbie Banta showed up.
Several people were happy about this.
Some more than others...

And so as we gorge on Crawfish,
people mingle.

And mingle and mingle...

And Yes Blandon thinks the crawfish are
seasoned well too. Is that water he wants?

See and no one wanted to believe me
when I said the World revolved around Robbie.

While everyone else is socializing,
Matthew is hogging away at the crawfish. At least
they were good.

Awww. don't they look soo cute.
They would prolly make a perfect threesome...
Oh wait.. nevermind.. no they wouldn't...

What do all these girls have in common?
Hint: Its NOT that they all like girls...

What a perfect lil couple.

Don't even ask how much I had to pay him
to smile there. :D

The end of the night draws near...

And we all get more fucked up.... looking.

And this is Cade .. with a C.
He SAID his daddy owned Boise Cascade Lumber.
I just wished he woulda showed us his wood.
Just can't trust everyone nowadays.

And some girls just don't know when
to stop. Thank gawd, we ran out of liquor.

And our lil retreat in the CAR.
Girl was that a ruff 10 minutes.

It all wore lil Blandon out completely..

and John as ..
Centerfold Boy ...
for Pepsi.

John meets random Classmates in the Parking lot
at 4am, as we wander around dodging the parking lot theif.

And the morning after...

And Donald after a refreshing night of drama-less
sleep in a very big bed. Doesn't he look all rested up!

And thats all folks...
hopefully the ten year will be MUCH better...


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