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27 September 2003

I love Munich. There is always music and action all over.
Here is some kind of Wacky Island 50s Music. Odeonsplatz.

Wacky-Carnival-Stilt Walkers...

This HUGE ass REAL tree stump in the
middle of the market place.

Real-life Erotic Store Front Displays.

"Its Raining Men!" singing ladies...

Mexican-Indian Folk Music...

And tons, and tons, and tons o' people at Oktoberfest.

And tons more people.. and HUGE ass rides.

And tons more people...

and you guessed it... TONS more people...

The crowded Subway stop at the Wies'n Oktoberfest.

And there is Maphi's friend "THE JOCK" on the left.

And then Maphi and Boris on the Subway train.

Aww.. doesn't he just look purdy...?

At the beginning of the Englisch Garten there is this
creek which produces natural waves.

And naturaly, germans being sport freaks, surf there.

And some are damn good!

Even though the city posts signs "No wave riding",
no one actually enforces it.

And people wait all day in line...

just to get to surf some...

I hear its harder to surf here,
because the wave never moves, and you gotta learn to
fight the current to stay with the wave.

And some do it damn well.

Its not a big spot, so you gotta wait your turn...

But hell even watching was fun!

And so we laid in the sun, and relaxed.

And Boris and I plotted to throw Maphi in the creek...

But Maphi was being a poor-sport and wanted to leave.

But at least he was nice enuf to water the forest,

and EEEEK!!! flash the camera man!
That's it folks...


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