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30 August 2003
Burg Lichtenberg (Kreis Kusel)

So after four years of wanting to go, I finally
made it to the Mixery Castle. It is a Open-Air Techno
Concert about 5 mins away from my Grandparent's house.
It started at 6pm on Saturday and went until 5am on Sunday morning.
Timo, Kaiser and me loaded up into Timo's car,
and we left München Saturday afternoon.
We swung by Etschberg and picked up my buddy
Sven, and then stopped at my grandparent's house.
The concert had already started at 6:00pm,
and we could hear the beat in my grandparent's backyard,
even though the concert was about 5 KM away!!

The concert used to be the whole weekend, but
the village next door complained about the noise,
it is now only one night. Who cares eh? Still something!
I am still surprised that such a cool event
is even put on here in the middle of BFE.
And then, I have the luck that is right next
to my grandparents so me and my friends can
crash there.

So we got drunk, and my grandfather drove us up to the Castle.
There actually isn't a castle there anymore
- just the ruins and one tower left.
But nonetheless, a cool place to have a concert.
It had been raining all the last few days,
right up until we got to the stage. Then God-Budda-Walt
looked down on us and let the sun in. The same thing
happened when I was at the Love Parade.
Damn do I have some kinda wicked LUCK! *grin*

So you will see tons of cool pics of chicks, us, effects and ...
Part of the main reason I came , was because
B&J were playing. When we got there, I went to the
front row (as usual), and watched some DJs laying off.
THEN, I saw someone walk by before the stage and he was
wearing a B&J Jacket... and as I looked up from his ass´,
Piet is following him! I had just put my camera in my pocket,
so as I am fumbling for my camera, I scream "PIET! PLEASE!"
And just like in Muenster last December , he was sweet enuf to
stop and lemme take a pic.
Yeah Okay... He only stopped in Muenster because I jumped out
in front of him as he was running away from the stage.
I tell you though, B&J aren't as famous down in Kusel.
I was ashamed because hardly anyone I asked seemed to know them.
Screw them if they have no artistic taste!

Enjoy yourself. (Viel Spaß!!!)


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