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Memorial Day
Weekend 2003
Pensacola Beach

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     Last Stop

So Naturally other than the Circuit Parties
at Memorial Day Weekend, one gets to enjoy
the wonderful beach. I was never aware of
how beautiful the beaches there at Pensacola are.

And you can see there were plenty
of Lifeguards around to protect us.

Everyone was just lounging and lounging.

While a few decided to play some water games...

The water was simply fabulous!

Though some people wanted to keep dry.

I think thats Attitude with a Capital B.

And lets not forget to properly dry off after bathing.

What is Miss Blanche doing ON that shoe?

And then the endless boys.

And of course MORE people HE knows...

The beach was just to die for.

Look at them beotches all strawled over the sand.

From the looks of it, you'd think they never slept since the Party the night before.
Oh. Wait. They hadn't.

Now I think someone is just getting a lil TOO comfy.

Life is a beach. Or was it a bitch?

Awww how adoreable... she done passed out.
Quick, find Tina.

IS that David Hassellhof?? Oh now.. its Dan!

Tired Pose.

Camera Pose.

Pondering Pose.

Look! Lance got that damn thing to fly. AND HIGH!

And our little country boy is saddling the fences.
See at this point, we all shoulda drove
back to Louisiana like good lil boys... BUT no...
we had to stay yet another night,
and enjoy the beach alllll over again.
It just never ends...

Looks like someone just hasn't lost that techno dancing feeling.

Lance and Arnie

Arnie and Dan

Blandon and Arnie
.... And Swing your Partner....

and Lance, Blandon and Arnie

Just catching some rays...

And the first glimpse of the -A- Boy.

Oddly enough our neighbors caught him first.

And poor lil Arnie is about to swirl right to the floor.

And Mr. Creel is reloaded and back in action.

She really was the hostess with the mostess.

Our neighbors were really a load of fun,
especially when beach towel cape boy
busted all up in the scene.

As they all contemplate what to stick in my mouth next.

And there we have him in all his glory - David.

What a perfect match eh?
Anyone have an A&F Photographer on hand?

Oh my oh my.. why does Seattle have to be so far?

And that was simply breathtaking.

Someone feels they gotta do a little dance by someone else's lil sports car.

This is why we have to get a condo next year.

Dinner with the Seattle Boys.

So it started all innocent.
Thats how it always starts.

Then people start getting comfy.

Putting their hands where they shouldn't be.

And then it just gets ridiculous and I turn the camera off.

Man o Man.. we all know whats in his mind right now...

And one last pose for the night.
Don't we all look so sober there!

Ahm... am I interrupting?

I think I interrupted "something".

Okay, Okay.. I AM interrupting again. I see.

Awww... look at that .. a lil sunrise snooze.

Now isn't that a beautiful picture of Arnie and Lance.

And yes, for all of you who have forgotten, we were at Pensacola Beach.

With the most beautiful Sunrises...

Early morning phone calls...

Now if Arnie was just a lil taller, he coulda blocked
the sun and this woulda been a nice pic.

I am still wondering why David had blankets in the car?

Wonderful Pensacola Bay.

And our poor lil Love Mobile which we put thru hell and back.


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