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11 Juli 2003

Left Work Early. Took Train. My Brother made us late.
But I got there!

A wonderful Stage.
But as usual german technicians caused problems
the whole night long.

My Second Cousin, Christine drinking as usual.

The crowds were so packed,
we couldn't always make it to the Toilet.

My evil-grinning Cousin, Steffen. (right)
and my brother his woman (left)

This was the first pre-show Act.
Surprisingly 'okay'.

And as you guessed, that is Kelly Osbourne.

That lil dot in the middle is Kelly.
As you can see we made it very close to the stage.

Kristin and Daniela in the middle there.
(Don't they look so happy?)

There.. they are at least trying to LOOK happy.

After hours of standing in the crowd,
this godly ice-cream boi shows up!

The happy-go-lucky fans.

Aww.. doesn't he just look purdy...?

The second Pre-show Act was the Cardigans.
Don't ask me. No idea.

And we wait and wait for the Main Show.

And finally the talented Robbie comes out!

He really does a great Live show.
Very funny, very vulgar.

Did I mention that I hate tall people.
This is what I saw MOST of the freakin show.

Impressive Sets...

The lighting was okay.

I mean, I coulda did a lot better with the lights.

But when Robbie asked.. I was too busy with other projects.
So thats all folks!


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