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Air Show 2003

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My High School Buddy who I haven't seen for
7 years, emailed me that he was gonna be in
Holland for the weekend doing an Air Show.
He is a Pilot in the United States Airforce.
So naturally, even though, I hadn't slept in 3 days,
I drove up and saw him.
This is a pic of the Rhine River near Cologne on my drive up.

I had to cross the River in a ferry.

Koeln is German for Cologne.

Ahhh, the Rhine has some of the most beautiful countryside.

When I arrived here, I had no idea where David was.
He was like, just go to the biggest plane.
And he was right, he flys the big ol "Gas Station" Plane.
They are responsible for tanking other jets in flight.
Pretty risky stuff.

He flew a bunch of missions of Iraq during the last war.
Imagine... flying thru enemy territory with
with a huge tank of gas. ...

It was very loud - jets flying all over the place.

And there were tons of Dutch peoples there.

And I was kinda urrked that they spoke mostly only Dutch there???

I mean come on.. didn't they know Americans would be there.

When the jets spewed colored fumes outta their tales..
that was KINDA interesting.

They flew around coloring the sky.
I wonder if that pollutes the air?

So after 2 hours of waiting in line

David finally came out and noticed me.
I know its hard being a popular Captain in the Air Force.

We had a bite to eat and then
he took me all the way into the "Shell Station".
This area is an extra storage area,
so that they can also transport stuff.

There is actually tons of room up there.
Thats Captain David on the left.
The floor has these lil castors in it, that helps
shift the stuff around up there, so they
dont have to work too hard.
Though, David doesn't do any of that.
He just flys the plane.

We are now in the butt of the plane. This is the control area for
the long stick that sticks outta the
rear of the plane and fuels the jets.

Its not computerized. The techs use mirrors to
physically guide the nozzle to the
jet and then to fuel.
It actually must be very mind boggling to
do all this thousands of feet up in the air
while going very very damn fast.
Makes me happy to have a simple job. HA!

This is also where all the techs bring the chicks to "show" them around.

And here we have a few memory shots of me and David.

The flash wasn't working, so we did it again.

It still didn't work, but the pics still came out, eh?

And a view from up in the plane. It is huge. Look how high I am!
And completely sober!

And that's it folks! Hopefully, it won't be
another 7 years until I see David again.
Its hard traveling the world, because I don't get to see
friends for a long time sometimes... hmm...


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