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06. June. 2006
Munich, Germany

SO... today I went to the airport to pick up Petra!
She is from Vancouver, Canada, and we worked
together at Club Med Sonora Bay in Mexico in 2000.
We haven't seen each other since.

Well, we dropped her bags off at my place, and we headed
out to the infamous Hofbrauhaus! It is a MUST-DO attraction
for all tourists. :D After drinking a few rounds there, we were
kicked out at closing time, and we wandered the streets with
Flo and Rodrigo. 'Someone' that was near us in traditional leather
pants tipped over a Dixie-Toilet on the street. Man were we drunk.
We wandered so more looking for anywhere open in this conservative
town during the week, and bumped into this two ladies, one of which
turned out to be the german tv-star, Veronika von Quast, and she got
us into a restaurant that already had closed for some more drinks.
At this point Domi and Rani decided to show up and hang out.

After shooting the bull with her, we wandered around the old town some
more and found Marra's Bar, which stays open until 7am!!! (Mental-Note).
We then left around 3:30 and stopped by our friend Anders' apartment
where a few of our drunken people decided to unsuccessfully try and wake
him up. We then headed to the central station where we had a Burger King
Breakfast, and got home around 5am. :D

On Wednsday Morning, Petra woke up REALLY LATE, and wandered
around Munich some. She started in the English Garden, where you can see
she found the "Wellenreitern" - the Surfers. At the start of the
the English Garden, this creek that has been travelling below the city
pops up into fresh air, creating this naturally strong, huge wave that
is perfect for surfing on.

Then Petra walked further, met some ducks, and then saw some soccer
being played all over town, since its World Cup Fever now.. :D
Then she met up with me and we had All-You-Can-Eat-Ribs for 6.66
euros. After that we hit the Olympic Park which was the Fan Headquarters
in Munich for the World Cup. They even built this 60 sqM LED Screen!
And we ended our night by meeting some of my friends at this restaurant
for Drinks. After that it was beddie-bye.

Enjoy the pics!


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