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USA Trip 2003

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So I decided to take a SHORT trip to the USA
before the Summer got started. It was originally
just for my high school reunion and to visit
a few friends. But then it turned into more...
Here you have my best friend Matthew, madly inlove
with his woman, Alie. That's just sweet.

What made my trip very interesting was inviting
my roomate from Germany on the trip with me.
1. He doesn't like the techno scene like me.
2. He spoke like 2.5 words of english.
But it all worked out just fine.

He we are crossing into Mississippi on our way to Florida.

Here is where we stopped for 4.4 minutes to give my
ex Uni-Roomate, Geoff, some Birkenstocks I smuggled
into the country for him.
I wont go into the fact that he is an engineer.
And can afford his own Birkenstocks... :D

Taking a pause before all the driving continues.

Michi beside my grandparents house in Monroe.

Michi at the airport. On our way home.
Doesn't he look like a tourist?


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